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Here you’ll find employers across the energy, high-tech, cyber, space and defence industries. You can find even more employers in the Defence Industry Directory and the Space Industry Directory.

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Cognizant is one of the world’s leading professional services companies transforming clients’ business, operating and technology models for the digital era.

We’re opening a new global delivery centre in Adelaide to drive Australia’s accelerated digital agendas, and sustainability ambitions. The centre will create 1,600 new jobs over 5 years, strengthening our capabilities in cloud, software, and data engineering.

We’re constantly on the look-out for great humans that want to create meaningful change. Visit Cognizant’s career page to discover your next career move.

Inovor Technologies is a wholly Australian owned company located at Lot Fourteen in Adelaide. Inovor are leaders in Australian small satellite technologies, electronic warfare, and research and development, providing turnkey satellite mission solutions using our Australian-made satellite buses. They employ scientists, engineers, project managers and corporate staff, and use local Australian industry suppliers and manufacturers.


Myriota’s breakthrough technology makes it incredibly easy and affordable for the world’s essential industries to collect and access the critical data they need to optimise their operations.

CyberCX, Australia’s largest end-to-end cyber security service provider, is proudly growing a highly skilled, high performance and diverse cyber workforce with home-grown South Australian talent. Visit CyberCX’s careers page for more information.

At OpSys, we defend businesses from external and internal cyber threats that have the potential to cause dire impacts on reputation and finances. Our end-to-end Cyber Security solutions and consulting services are tailored to suit individual business needs. We work tirelessly to identify security gaps and developing best-practice strategies to close those gaps. Combining effective processes, world-class security expertise and industry leading technology, we enable our clients to sleep well at night knowing we’re watching over their Cyber Security needs.

Nova Systems is a leading Australian owned and controlled engineering and technology company. It has an Australian workforce of more than 1,100 and engages an additional 300 local supply chain partners across all corners of the country, creating and supporting thousands of jobs. Visit the Nova Systems careers page to find out more.

A global renewable energy producer, currently constructing a wind and solar farm in Port Augusta, known as the Port Augusta Renewable Energy Park (PAREP) Project, expected to be operational in late 2021. Visit the company’s global career page to sign-up for job alerts or their Australian website for more information about projects underway.

An energy transmission and infrastructure solutions company, overseeing the South Australian section of the new 900 kilometre electricity interconnector between NSW and South Australia. Construction of Project EnergyConnect is due to commence by the end of 2021 and is expected to provide 200 local jobs during construction and 250 ongoing jobs. Visit Project EnergyConnect for more information and the careers page for ElectraNet job opportunities.

Owner and operator of the Hornsdale Power Reserve, or ‘Big Battery’ in Jamestown. Neoen is expected to begin construction of its wind, solar and battery farm, the Goyder Renewable Energy zone, near Burra, from the end of 2021. Hiring will begin soon. For more information visit the Goyder Renewable Energy Zone website. Neoen also regularly recruits development, asset management and other key staff.

Tesla is a global leader in manufacturing electric vehicle and clean energy products. Tesla’s Tonsley Innovation Hub is home to some of the team rolling out Australia’s largest Virtual Power Plant and maintaining and improving Hornsdale Power Reserve. Visit Tesla’s career site for more information.

One of Australia’s largest gas infrastructure businesses and a leader in renewable gas, AGIG operates Australia’s largest renewable hydrogen production facility - Hydrogen Park South Australia, at Tonsley. With more renewable gas projects under development, the company says demand for roles that support the operation of these facilities will grow, as South Australia seeks to achieve its cleaner energy and hydrogen ambitions. Learn more about the project visit the AGIG website.

ASC is Australia’s sovereign submarine sustainment and maritime services company, employing more than 1,300 personnel in South Australia and Western Australia. ASC works collaboratively with Defence and industry to deliver world benchmark submarine sustainment and upgrade, supply chain management and submariner training services. ASC’s submarine engineers and designers also work on submarine construction and sustainment programs in allied nations in North America and Europe.

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