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Aged Care


A career in Aged Care

South Australians can now expect to live longer, healthier lives than any previous generation in history! Better health care, disease prevention, lifestyle and economic factors have led to this improvement.

This means, we have an opportunity to build an international profile as the living-well state, where people contribute to our thriving community throughout their lives. To achieve this, our State needs more people with skills that help older South Australians to age well.

What is aging well? It’s about supporting older people to have quality options for how they live their years. It’s about living productive and active lives as they age, where there’s opportunities for life-long learning and the assurance of being treated with the dignity and respect everyone deserves.

In terms of skills in demand, we’ll need healthcare or support staff, working in aged care facilities and residential communities, or working remotely, visiting older people living independently.

There will also be opportunities for people supporting older South Australians to keep physically fit, productive, learning and socially engaged.

Examples of jobs in demand in aged care include:

  • Personal care worker
  • Enrolled nurse
  • Registered nurse
  • Cook
  • Lifestyle / Recreational Activities Coordinator

Natalie and Kylie's story

Natalie and Kylie both work in the aged care sector. Natalie in a corporate role, and Kylie in a nursing coordination role and together they explain how new pathways into the industry aim to attract the passionate, caring people that aged care work needs.

Explore learning options

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VET, Apprenticeships and Traineeships

Find out more about VET pathways including apprenticeships and traineeships and how you can get started.

Explore courses

There's a wide range of training courses to get qualified in aged care and some can be completed as apprenticeships or traineeships.

Keep training up to date

Regulations and standards to improve aged care are regularly reviewed and updated. Stay on top of the latest information, from the Aged Care Industry Association.

Jobs available right now

Your search starts right here! You can explore current opportunities available in South Australia's aged care industry, thanks to Seek. If you have transferrable skills you might already have the skills the industry needs.
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