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Discover more about getting a job in South Australia's growing space industry.

What does a career in space look like?

Discover South Australia's space industry and what a career looks like for you.

South Australia is already home to more than 100 space-related organisations and is committed to growing the local workforce – including pathways to study and train.

Astronauts and rocket launches might be the first thing that comes to mind but there’s much more to the space industry! Our every-day lives are impacted by information collected in space.

Space satellites collect data that provide our farmers with insight into future rainfall; give our emergency services the ability to monitor, manage and even prevent emergencies like bushfires and allow us to use GPS functionality on our mobile phones and in our cars and there’s so much more! What will research and innovation in the space industry help us do next?

South Australia has a rapidly growing space industry and is fast cementing our position as Australia’s hub for future space industry development.

To keep up this momentum, the local space industry needs specialists in space law, engineering, design and manufacturing, robotics and data analytics.


Examples of jobs in Space

To explore more types of jobs in space, visit the Australian Space Agency.

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Space career stories

Joel works as an Associate for Cowell Clarke, a commercial law firm, and is working towards PhD in Space Law. He advises clients across a range of industries - including space. You can read his story, and many more from real people working in the space industry in South Australia.

Jobs available right now

Your search starts right here! You can explore current opportunities available in South Australia's space industry, thanks to Seek. Or, scroll down further to see a list of employers within the industry as some of them have separate jobs boards on their websites. We're also compiling an Employer Directory!
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Employers in the space industry

There's exciting employment opportunities across a number of space businesses in South Australia. Check out a few of them here and visit the Employer directory for employers in other industries too. You can also visit the space industry directory for even more employers in the industry (and if you're a business, apply to be listed).

The information on this page is accurate at the time of original publish (September 2021). Job projections within the sectors are based on economic data and reporting over multiple years and is subject to fluctuation and change. Jobs featured on this site are a current list of advertised opportunities within the sectors featured and jobs available on external employers’ web links. Users are encouraged to independently check and research career opportunities as more job opportunities become available within the sector.

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