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Callum's story

What Callum does

Callum works within Tesla’s energy engineering team as an Associate Powerwall Sales Engineer. His responsibilities centre around Powerwall battery engineering, data analytics and South Australia’s Virtual Power Plant software development and market integration work.

What Callum enjoys about living and working in South Australia is the abundance of career opportunities in the industry he loves while being surrounded by world-class beaches and wineries to enjoy on days off.

Callum’s advice for considering a job in this industry is - Pursue it!


To be able to learn, innovate and play a part in accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy delivers career satisfaction like no other. Career opportunities like mine are available right here in South Australia.

Callum, Associate Powerwall Sales Engineer at Tesla

How Callum got there

Callum holds a Bachelor of Engineering and a Bachelor of Mathematical and Computer Sciences from Adelaide University. Callum’s passion for engineering and electronics stemmed from his obsession with Lego as a child. But it was his love of the ocean, that led him to a career in renewable energy.

Callum started working at Tesla as an intern while studying at university. As part of his final year Honours project, Callum investigated whether machine learning techniques could be used to predict power outages during storms.

Upon completing his studies, Callum moved into a full-time role with Tesla’s energy engineering team.

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