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Sylvia's story

What Sylvia does

As H2U’s Process Engineer, Sylvia is responsible for providing engineering and technical support on H2U’s projects - right from the initial design concepts through to construction, commissioning and operations including process engineering modelling, simulation, and digitalisation.

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What Sylvia loves about her job

"Being a process engineer and an industrial researcher, I am living in my youthful dreams by contributing to decarbonizing the world in commercially established green hydrogen projects across Australia and the world at large.

I love being a permanent resident of Adelaide one of the safest, most relaxed, innovative and culturally diverse cities in the world.

To anyone looking to get into this field, developing personal and professional skills and building strong networks can get you in the door of your dream job.

The production of green hydrogen in South Australia is a vital stage in the renewable energy transition that will in the future yield substantial exportable clean energy to feed this energy hungry world."

How Sylvia made it

Sylvia completed her Bachelor of Science (Honours) Chemical Engineering in Ghana, before undertaking a Doctorate (PhD) in Process and Resource Engineering at the University of Adelaide.

Growing up in a resource limited setting where energy shortage was the norm, Sylvia developed a passion for sustainable, affordable, clean energy.

Her research at the University of Adelaide focused on the conversion of waste to energy by subjecting organics in waste under subcritical water conditions to produce crude-like oil.

Upon graduating she began looking for jobs in leading alternative fuel producing companies. And her interest in producing low carbon fuels only grew when she joined a team of green hydrogen and ammonia developers at The Hydrogen Utility.

Working for H2U - a start-up company with a portfolio of hydrogen production facilities across Australia and New Zealand – Sylvia says she has the privilege to contribute to the development of the organization, and future energy.

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