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Tom's story

What Tom does

Tom works as a Project Development Manager at Neoen, a developer and operator of renewable energy technologies, including solar and wind power and energy storage.

Tom’s role is as diverse as they come! He is responsible for project development activities such as scouting prospective renewable energy project locations, supporting procurement of wind turbines, managing the highly technical grid connection process and presenting to communities, government and industry on the renewable energy industry.

Right now, he’s focused on the Goyder Renewables Zone project, a huge wind and solar project in South Australia’s mid north.

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What Tom loves about his job

Tom believes he’s secured a job that’s the ultimate trifecta – enjoyable day-to-day, technically interesting and providing development and learning opportunities in an industry that impacts everyone, everyday!

“We have great opportunities for employment and South Australia is really leading the way in terms of its adoption of renewables and with that, is the opportunity for new, big projects.”

How Tom got there

Tom grew up in Port Lincoln, in regional South Australia, and worked on a tuna farm before enrolling at university to study a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Electronic) at Adelaide University.

He began his career in the energy industry after winning a graduate role at ElectraNet (power transmission system provider) in 2012 and progressed to work at Consolidated Power Projects, which designed substations and powerlines for ElectraNet and windfarms across the country.

This experience opened-up opportunities during a working holiday to the UK, where he worked for global consulting business AECOM, before returning to Australia to seek-out his dream job in renewable energy.

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