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Gavin's story

What Gavin does

As the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of VOXON Photonics, Gavin jointly leads a highly successful business that develops 3D display technologies – fully interactive holograms – that can be viewed from any angle without special glasses or headgear.

Gavin is overseeing the business’ work on a 3D battlespace visualisation project, working with BAE Systems, the University of South Australia and Flinders University. The business is also looking at broader applications for its technology across the medical imaging, gaming, education and communications industries.

Gavin is also pleased VOXON takes-on school work experience students, and graduates of university and vocational education and training, with some going on to work full-time for the business.

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What Gavin loves about his job

Gavin says VOXON’s technology is something that brings people together. He loves the uniting impact it has, which was never more evident than when they attended the Tokyo Game Show in 2018, where VOXON’s display was like a magnet for video gamers!

“Adelaide has got a history of manufacturing… which is starting to come back in the form of the high-tech industry and communication is so strong now that there’s a great opportunity to share their resources and understandings and go through the same learning journey together.”

How Gavin got there

Gavin grew up in Scotland and completed an honours degree in technology management and masters degree in information technology at the University of Western Scotland. He worked in the Royal Bank of Scotland in financial programming roles before moving to Australia in 2006.

Since then, he’s worked as a Project Administrator to a gold mining company and as Technical Analyst and Database Administrator at the University of Adelaide.

VOXON Photonics was founded in 2013, as a hobby which quickly evolved into a full-time job by 2016, when the business raised its first seed capital. The business is now considered a leader its field, selling products to Sony and Apple!

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