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Space career stories

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Joel works as an Associate for Cowell Clarke, a commercial law firm, and is working towards PhD in Space Law. He advises clients across a range of industries - including space.
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Shivawn leads all aspects of marketing, communications, and media at Southern Launch as well as drives community outreach for the business.
Sebastian Myriota 2021 12 06 233745 jvqt


As a Spacecraft and Missions Engineer, Sebastian works within the team that delivers the space capability of Myriota.
Tina Inovor


Tina’s role as a Project Manager with Inovor Technologies involves building strong relationships with people from all areas of the company.
Jack Rintoul


As a Systems and Test Engineer, Jack is responsible for end-to-end product development and testing of spacecraft systems.
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As an Aerospace Engineer at Inovor Technologies, Alex is involved in several different areas of work, including spacecraft mechanical design, simulation and modelling of the satellite’s intended mission.


Lewis was employed by Southern Launch in 2018 as Mission Engineer Lead, an integral role, ensuring rocket launches are both successful and safe.
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