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Alex is an Aerospace Engineer at Inovor Technologies. With an interest in maths, physics and chemistry, Alex studied a Bachelor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at University following completion of high school.

Alex Priest Headshot

What Alex does

As an Aerospace Engineer at Inovor Technologies, Alex is involved in several different areas of work, including spacecraft mechanical design, simulation and modelling of the satellite’s intended mission, as well as systems engineering, developing procedures and documents presented to customers on the spacecraft design and performance.

How Alex made it

Born and raised in Adelaide, Alex focused on maths, physics and chemistry in school and went straight to university in 2014, where he studied a Bachelor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. After graduating, Alex began working at Inovor Technologies where he has been learning about, and designing, satellites.

Through these areas, Alex has been involved with design, testing, and manufacture on all five of Inovor’s satellite development projects.

Further to this, Alex has also conducted contract work with the Department of Defence, helping to develop and design systems for Space Domain Awareness with the Defence Science and Technology Group.

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