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Born and raised in Tasmania, Jack studied a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Aerospace) (Hons) at the University of New South Wales. In Sydney, he completed a summer internship at Optus Satellites, where he was first exposed to the intricate world of spacecraft design and operation.

Jack Rintoul

What Jack does

As a Systems and Test Engineer, Jack is responsible for end-to-end product development and testing of spacecraft systems. He works closely with Inovor Technologies’ customers to ensure compatibility of the spacecraft with the payloads on board and has developed a detailed understanding of electrical and software architecture concepts and launch provider requirements.

Jack is also involved in the mechanical design, manufacturing, and integration of satellite components.

How Jack made it

After graduation, Jack moved to Adelaide for a 12-month placement with the Space Systems Group at the Defence Science and Technology Group, where he worked on the development of payloads for the Buccaneer Main Mission. This involved investigating how to improve satellite communications and designing a ‘selfie stick’ to image the spacecraft on-orbit.

Jack joined Inovor Technologies, manufacturer of the Buccaneer Main Mission satellite bus, in early 2020.

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