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What Lewis does

Lewis was employed by Southern Launch in 2018 as Mission Engineer Lead, an integral role, ensuring rocket launches are both successful and safe.

He has since developed an in-house flight safety analysis software, providing a unique capability to Australia. The software, named MAGIC, has been successfully used to launch two suborbital rockets, flown to the edge of space in September 2020.


What he loves about his work

Lewis loves encouraging the next generation of the space workforce. Through voluntary work with the Australian Youth Aerospace Association (AYAA), he pioneered development of a technical competition that saw universities nationally and internationally compete to design, build and launch high-powered rockets, with entries judged on criteria including design, innovation and safety.

Lewis’ dream of seeing an Australian rocket launching from Australia, putting Australian satellites into orbit, now doesn’t seem so far away. He is extremely excited about the future of space which he can contribute to in his home state of South Australia.

How Lewis made it

From an early age, Lewis had always been interested in aerospace. He loved gazing at the stars through a telescope with his father and when he was 10 years old, he joined the Australian Air League in a pursuit to learn more about aviation and space.

Fast forward to his tertiary studies, Lewis, still extremely passionate about space, collaborated with SAAB in his final year of a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) (Honours), on a project to develop a solid rocket which deployed high-altitude drones for surveillance.

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