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What Sebastian does

As a Spacecraft and Missions Engineer, Sebastian works within the team that delivers the space capability of Myriota. On a day-to-day basis, he develops, tests and improves space hardware. His role involves playing with satellites to ensure they make it up to and work as intended in space.

Sebastian Myriota

What Sebastian loves about his work

Sebastian has always enjoyed creating something from scratch, with a keen interest in solving complex problems. His ultimate goal is to physically visit space.

How Sebastian made it

Ever since he was a little boy, the idea of space or the idea to build something that went to space has always fascinated Sebastian. Towards the end of his high school years he was excited to learn there were career paths that could eventually lead him to space.

Sebastian focussed his efforts on engineering. which lead him to complete a Masters and Bachelors of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (First Class Honours).

After completing his Masters, Sebastian was successfully placed in a 3-year internship role in Boeing Defence Australia before joining Myriota in their quest to connect the whole world together one satellite at a time.

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