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What Shivawn does

Shivawn is the Media and Communications Coordinator at Southern Launch. She leads all aspects of marketing, communications, and media at Southern Launch as well as drives community outreach for the business.

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How Shivawn made it

Shivawn holds a Bachelor in Marketing and Communications and initially started her career in media as an expert in digital and offline channels, which led to her becoming the lead Digital Planner on the South Australian Government advertising team at Wavemaker.

Shivawn was selected to participate in the Publicis global exchange program, which meant she was sent to Germany to complete work experience from their Dusseldorf headquarters.

During her time in media, Shivawn consulted for clients from numerous industries, including banking and finance, automotive, national and local retail, government, and non-for-profit. Now, while at Southern Launch, Shivawn is also studying her Post-Graduate Certificate in UX and Web Design to broaden her skillset.

After a diverse career in marketing, media and communications, Shivawn is living proof you don’t have to be an engineer to get involved in the space industry.

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