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With humble beginnings from a small town in South India, Tina was the first person to complete Tertiary Education in her family. Through immense support from her family and guidance from her school teachers, she set out alone overseas (at the age of 18) to become an Aerospace Engineer.

Tina Dsouza colour

What Tina does

Tina’s role as a Project Manager with Inovor Technologies involves building strong relationships with people from all areas of the company, both internal and external stakeholders. Some of the day-to-day activities associated with her role include managing project risks and issues, maintaining budgets, liaising with customers and overseeing all tasks associated with an assigned project. Tina considers joining the space industry as the highlight of her career.

How Tina made it

Upon completing her Bachelor’s in Aerospace Engineering, she started her career as a Reliability Engineer for a small regional airline in Cairns. She then ventured into the defence industry joining Northrop Grumman Australia as a Reliability Manager, where she developed the Reliability Program for the KC-30A Air to Air Refuelling Tanker.

Next, she joined Ernst and Young (EY) as a Transformation Consultant to focus on her business management skills, advising clients across various sectors including Government, Transport, Infrastructure, Consumer and Health industries.

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